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Welcome to F.A.T. Talk, a group for Fire Apparatus Technicians (FAT for short).

This page is designed as a way to communicate with all stakeholders in this area in order to: teach, share information and ideas, identify job and training opportunities, get great SWAG, identify scholarship options and of course – learn! If you’re interested in ordering a Challenge Coin to help the group sponsor EVT exams, click the banner below

We represent a unique group of people, and we have so much to share. The hope here is that we facilitate that to the best of our ability!


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Never stop teaching, never stop learning.

Greg Moore, F.A.T Talk Creator
Through the sale of F.A.T. Promotional Items, things such as the F.A.T. Talk EVT Scholarship are possible.

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We are an online group designed as an accessible and free place for Fire Apparatus Technicians from all over the world to gather and share information. Ask questions, share experiences, and help each other troubleshoot.

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