About Us

Hi Everyone. My name is Greg Moore. I’m a Fire Apparatus Technician for the Regional Fire Department of the City of St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada. I have been a mechanic all my life, but ever since I became a Fire Apparatus Technician (Or “FAT” for short), I truly feel I have found my calling. I take pride in my job, and knowing that people’s lives and property depend on the equipment that our team repairs keeps me focused and on task.

I am a firm believer that knowledge, is power when it comes to working on firefighting equipment. One of the biggest challenges I faced when I first started on this career path was a lack on accessible knowledge for someone starting out. It’s still so unique that I really had to dig deep to get help and information. Lucky for me, I work for a department that encourages training. In September 2019, I was sent to the Spartan Fire Truck Training Conference in Lansing, Michigan. I met all kinds of people just like me, and all with the same concern – A lack of accessible information and resources. That’s why conferences like these are so important to Fire Apparatus Technicians.

I formed this group as an accessible and free place for Technicians from all over the world to gather and share information. To ask questions, share experiences, and to help each other troubleshoot. These machines are custom built – even two pumpers of the same brand and model will never be the same. So every bit of information we can gather and share is critical.

My cousin, who is a Fire Fighter in the city of Halifax, (Nova Scotia, Canada), Branded me with the nickname “The Fire Nerd”. I read and watch anything and everything I can related to these valuable lifesaving pieces of equipment. I plan on attending every conference I can afford to attend. Knowledge is power, and it needs to be shared for everyone’s benefit. This is my outlet to learn, ask for help, and to teach.

Ground rules are simple. This is a Safe Place. I don’t believe in asking too many questions. I also don’t believe there is a “Dumb” or “Stupid” question. So if you have a question, ask it. Any form of bullying, belittling or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. We are all here to help each other.

I look forward to talking with you all.